Day 2-Sunday

Hitting the streets


Leading Worship in the Service

Day 2
Today was a day of Bible study, worship, fellowship and outreach at the First Baptist Church of Kotzebue. We were blessed to join in the young adult Bible fellowship class with some awesome young couples. Our team participated in the worship service through singing, sign language, playing the piano, and sharing testimonies. Following the AM worship service we had a delicious pot luck dinner with the members and guests of FBC Kotzebue. This afternoon we hit the streets on mission inviting kids to VBS and women to the Ladies Event. This evening we participated in the evening worship service with singing and testimonies. We then concluded the day with a group devotional, sharing the day’s events and the new relationships made. Thus ends a beatiful day, a great day in the Lord, in Kotzebue. ~Pastor Rickey and the team

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3 thoughts on “Day 2-Sunday

  1. Lori Maddox

    Sounds like you guys had an amazing day of worship! I love seeing you in long sleeves!! LOL Please know that I am praying for each and every one of you and am so glad that you arrived safely. I pray that God will use you, strengthen you and bless each of you in a way that only He can through a journey like this! To God be the Glory! Love and prayers, Lori

  2. Jayne

    Enjoying the pictures! I’m praying for all of you! Love you all and miss you! HAGDITL as someone famous always says! Jayne

  3. Sam L. Collet

    Hey you all are you cold yet. What is the temp up there? What is the service like? Did any people get saved yet? How is V.B.S. and is there alot of people there at V.B.S.? This is from Sara Ann Ceciel,Sam Collet,Becky Collet,Emily Collet. We love you all and we hope your safe and we miss you all.Have a great time!!

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