Day 5 & 6

Day 5. We started out the day with the women hosting a brunch for the two missionary wives Terri and Tammy and Tammy’s two daughters. We showered them with gifts and encouragement in their work here in Alaska. Wednesday was another great day at VBS. It was our high attendance day with 41 children. Praise the Lord.  After VBS we had church service at the Senior Center. Missionaries Matt and Tammy led the service for the residents and workers.

Day 6-This was our last day at VBS with a closing program. We had a girl named Susie who prayed to receive the Lord. We thank the Lord for this decision and pray for the seeds that were planted to take root in the children’s lives. After VBS our missionary John prepared a fish dinner for us on our last night here in Alaska. We had sockeye salmon, halibut, and sheefish all caught locally this week. We also had the treat of tasting beluga whale blubber brought to us by our new friend Harry who is a native Alaskan. After dinner Pastor John took us on a tour of the artic tundra. We concluded our tour with an artic plunge at 10:05 pm tonight with the sun shining bright. We had 3 takers; Sohnie, Chuck and Charity all went under. Tomorrow we fly back to Anchorage and begin our trip home. Thank you for your prayers. 

~Pastor Rickey and the Alaska Team

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