Day 5 & 6 in Kotzebue (July 19-20, 2012)

Rain clouds broke in time for partly cloudy and sunny skies in Kotzebue for the Boomerang Express (1 Day VBS). It proved quite successful with 29 children in attendance and lots of energy to go with it. VBS was fast and furious, but the kids seemed to have a great time studying the Word, making crafts, playing games and singing together. The Gospel was presented and seeds were sown in the young lives of very precious children. “The girls” attended Youth Group and taught them one of the VBS songs they will lead in Sunday Morning Worship. Our team (minus Joan, who was sickly) enjoyed riding through the Tundra looking for anything that could possibly be a moose, caribou or ground squirrel. None were spotted! 🙂  However we spotted a patch of snow and enjoyed a good snow fight. Got pictures to prove it! We even had a “cotton pickin’” good time and Roy performed last rights on a dead seal (not the dead seal scrolls, SS teachers 🙂  BTW – Joan is feeling better! Actually, she is feeling better than a dead seal in the sunshine! 🙂  A beautiful sunset was enjoyed by a few team members at 1:17 A.M. The steps and landing were completed after Roy & Harry’s labor of love, working in the cold rain most of the time. Gifts of appreciation were humbly received. The day was spent setting up tables, decorating and preparing for the Ladies Event. Selena was delighted to see 26 ladies in attendance for the first session. Thanks to Selena, ladies and “the girls” for making preparations and decorating so stunningly. “The girls” graciously entertained the children so the ladies could fellowship.

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