Day 7 in Kotzebue (July 21, 2012)

Sadly, our very last full day in Kotzebue arrived. The women conducted Session 2 of the Ladies Event, and were touched by what they saw and heard from the women who attended. Isn’t it funny how God always gives to us when we offer ourselves to Him? The men and the girls assumed the responsibility of watching, or should I say “guarding,” the children. They managed to complete their mission with only a teeny amount of wipeouts, escapes, and sobs. After the team tidied up the church, they scurried down to a nearby ramp for the greatly awaited Arctic plunge! It may not have been the most intelligent of choices, but it was definitely a memorable experience. The group spent the remainder of the day eating, socializing, and preparing for Sunday’s busy schedule.  It will be a restful night here at First Baptist. (Editor’s note: Taylor Maddox, our Blogger, is still resting as I post this, but will soon rise to start the very last day in Kotzebue. Another delicious breakfast is being served, thanks to Terresa & Selena. Pray for us as we lead and participate in worship and Bible Study this morning. We are praying for our FBC Bushnell Family!

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